Best Laid Plans

by Little Rivals

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There's a video for the title track here:


released April 2, 2013

Nick Sanderson - Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Everything Else



all rights reserved


Little Rivals Naperville, Illinois

Midwest Indie/Surf/Bedroom Rock

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Track Name: Best Laid Plans
How far can we go / before your mother knows
Run away before this shit catches up with you

What a waste of time we haven't got / no more saying I'm not ready / no more looking for the cheap advances
Woe is you but don't ever let me hear you spewing that

It's not okay and you know it
Don't look back after you throw it
Take this chance just don't blow it
I'm your friend so let me show it

It's a total mess / look at where you are
Knee deep in the pieces of your being
What were you planning on doing with yourself?
Track Name: Dairy Dogs
Standing on the green / our targets in our sight
All the june bugs swarm the buzzing parking lights
Clubs to the ground / a rigid golfer's pose
Smash the ball to hell / laughing as it goes

The wind is in my face / the engine's shaking down my frame
Sliding through the curves could be a certain death
We're still too young to die so don't hold your breath

The parking lot's still soaked with the summer sun
I can feel it through my shoes
Like two children caught in a tangled love
We can pretend that we know it all
Track Name: Where It Is
I had a date with nostalgia / it's a love/hate relationship
I'm staring down at a sunrise / wishing it would stay where it is

Take it all in / but just don't let it take you away
Grounded footing / enjoy the view from where you are

Warmth of a mother's embrace / taking a father's advice
The sting of what's been long forgotten / feel the wash of what has sustained

Stay where you are